The Cookie Law

What are the cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded into you computer or devise while entering our website. The cookies allow us to gather information about the browsing habits of an user or of its group and, depending of the information received and the way it is used by its group, they could be used to recognize the user.

What king of cookies do we use on our website?

Our web site is using cookies from Google Analytics to mesure the user’s interaction with our content. That cookie is provided by Google and allows us to know what the user is doing in our web site and detect any improvement possibilities.

Cookies administration

You can allow, block o delete the cookies downloaded into your computer by configuring the options of the web browser you are using.

  • For more information about Mozilla Firefox’s browser: Mozilla Firefox
  • For more information about Google Chrome’s browser: Google Chrome
  • For more information about Internet Explorer’s browser: Internet Explorer
  • For more information about Safari’s browser: Safari
  • For more information about Opera’s browser: Opera